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Why it is very Beneficial to get a Reflexology Massage

Do you know what reflexology is? Probably a spa could be one place you’ve seen this term. This article will help you understand all things reflexology including key advantages. Reflexology is a form of treatment for a variety of conditions that involves applying pressure to certain areas of the hands, feet and ears to affect specific reflex areas of the body. The history of reflexology can be derived from ancient China and Egypt, and it bears so many health advantages. Our feet need massaging especially due to the kind of intense strain we put on them on a daily basis. So let’s jump right into some of the perks of reflexology.

The functionality of the nerves is where we start. The nerves that are at the extremes of the body, tend to become insensitive with time, especially as we get older. A single session of reflexology can significantly improve the reactivity of these nerves. Nerves and muscles have certain direct similarities. One point is that to keep your nerves functional, you must exercise them like muscles. This will allow your neural pathways to be consistently open.

If you want to get a boost in energy, then consider reflexology. Even with us moving around consistently, the sluggish feeling is bound to catch up with us. This could be a sign that energy creation processes are not functioning at peak condition. Reflexology can handle this issue by aligning the functioning of various organs in the body. You can expect a boost in metabolism once this is done. Moreover, reflexology is known to increase circulation through the body. The outcome of better circulation is improved organ performance since oxygen gets to the organ in time and in the amounts required. A result of this is faster healing processes and quicker replacement of injured cells.

Body relaxation is yet another advantage of reflexology. As stated earlier, it opens up neural pathways. These open neural routes will provide the avenue for a free flow of neural activity, and hence the body gets relaxed in the process. Due to the calming effect reflexology has, it does well when dealing with sleeping disorders. Reflexology is also adept in handling toxin elimination. Bladder functionality can easily be improved through reflexology, and this creates a stronger system to remove toxins from the body. This will help reduce illnesses that occur due to these toxins building up in the body.

Finally, a boost in nervous stimulation can help improve our cognitive abilities. Clear neural routes allow the brain to handle larger amounts of data better. This means that our memories become better too.

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